Health has always been a serious factor regardless of any age group. We as humans are always attached to uncertainty. We don’t know how tomorrow will be. And if anything happens to us, then what will happen to our family. Thus, keeping into consideration all these risks, it has become an important factor to be insured, especially health-wise. Being insured health-wise is vital for any age group. And it becomes more beneficial if you start early. Be it for a working professional, a family man, or a college student. Health insurance is damn important. Now, you know how essential health insurance is. Today we will discuss some of the Best Health Insurance for college students.

There are many health insurance companies, which will offer you various schemes and policies. But it is always advisable to compare all that you have in hand and then take a firm decision.

Best Health Insurance for college students

  •  Cigna: Cigna is one of the best options for college students. It is famous because of its cost and coverage. It offers individuals competitive premiums along with which you will get ACA financial assistance. It covers pre-existing conditions, as well as offers subsidies that make insurance affordable. It offers various plans that range from bronze to platinum. Adding to this it doesn’t charge any preventative costs. You can get screened regularly without paying any charge.

Below listed are the advantages of choosing Cigna:

1.     Students can avail of premium subsidies depending upon their income level.

2.     You can choose the plan directly by visiting their website, or signing up at

3.     Includes low virtual cost for connecting to a board-certified doctor.

  • Everest: Everest health insurance policy is suitable for those students who are looking for a short-term insurance policy. By choosing Everest you will be in a fixed network provider, where the benefits will cover the preventative care. It has an A+ ranking from Am best, proving that the company is financially stable. By selecting a short-term policy, you will get availed of a temporary coverage that is less than the cost of a private insurance plan.

Health Insurance for college students

Below listed are the advantages of choosing Everest Health Insurance Plan:

1.     It provides you free-look periods.

2.     It comes with a low copay and coinsurance options.

3.     Comes with multiple coverage periods.

  •      IMG: IMG is a choice for those students who are studying internationally. It provides you with multiple plans, low deductibles, and high maximum limits. Adding to this it even offers maternity and mental health coverage. By changing to multiple plans, the add-ons will cover you from any theft, loss of valuables, and personal papers. Adding to this it also offers you personal liability protection. Its parent company has been ranked as A+ by AM best.

Below listed are the advantages of choosing IMG Health Insurance Plan:

1.     Comes with plans which offer you higher limits as $8 million.

2.     It has multiple add-ons and rider offers.

3.     It even includes drug-prescription coverage.

  • School-offered insurance: It is suitable for all those students who are looking out for convenience, and affordability, and lastly who don’t want additional options. Its insurance policies range from $2500-$3500 per year. Which is cheaper than the average insurance policies under non-school offered insurance. You can use it on the spot of any illness offered. It comes with an easy enrolment process. And eliminates the need to shop around and comes with numerous other advantages.

Below are the advantages of choosing School-offered insurance plans:

1.     Plans of school are cheaper than outside plans.

2.     You can use your financial aid to pay premiums.

3.     You can use this coverage at on-campus centers, whenever needed.

Now, you know about some of the best health insurance for college students. You may wonder why there is so much urgency in investing in health insurance at such a young age. Students should enjoy their life. But, investing in medical insurance plays a vital role, both in the short and long term. It is both for students who are studying here in India as well as abroad.

Importance of being medically insured:

  1.    For medical emergencies: As the name suggests, being medically insured saves 30-40 percent of our savings. As it helps us in meeting our medical emergencies. Which doesn’t come knocking on our door. For students studying abroad, it will cost much more than in India. So, it’s always better to be medically insured.
  1.   Meeting mandatory requirements: When students study abroad, they need to have an overseas insurance plan. Which in turn is required for meeting other certain criteria. So, having an insurance plan here in India will always be beneficial and cost-effective.

  Other liabilities: When you are liable to pay an amount resulting from any property damage, or any lawsuit. Then health insurance covers that amount. It also covers the other person’s damage as well. But you need to check whether this option is being available by every health insurance company.

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Thus, to conclude, compare all the options before you select the one, as you deserve the best for your health.

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