All over the world, financial services provide the second-best paying jobs after the medical field. If you have a finance degree, don’t hesitate to choose one as your career. It will only pay you well but provide a luxurious lifestyle too. Most of us dream of a big house, a sports car, and a luxurious life in our childhood. Now fulfill your childhood dream by choosing the Best paying jobs in Finance Consumer Services

In this article today, we will talk about some of the top-paying jobs in the finance sector and the necessary qualifications to get on. So let’s not waste any more time and move forward.

Top paying jobs in the finance sector

Here are the lists of some top paying jobs with their necessary qualifications and salary across the world. Hope so you get the right one for yourself out of the listed ones.

  1. Investment Banker

Do you have proper knowledge about the investment market? If you have complete knowledge, then you can opt to become an investment banker. Most people who want to invest in the market try to hire professionals to get easy returns and higher profits from the market.

Everyone looks for an investment banker to track their daily market investments and profits, from newbies to pro investors. So, you can understand that there are great opportunities and scopes for becoming an investment banker in the current market situation.

Salary: – 25,000$ to 200,000$ per year

Your paycheck will depend on your qualifications and work experience. The more qualified you are and the more work experience you gain, the more you will be paid. 

Qualification: – To become an investment banker, you at least need a bachelor’s degree. However, you can opt for other degrees and diploma courses offered by many universities or online course training centers like Udemy and so on.

Financial Analyst

If you have good management and analyzing, try getting a job as a financial analyst. All you have to do is to manage and analyze the financial sections of an organization, NGO, or company. Even government offices search for financial analysts to manage the spending and money reports on different plans and schemes.

A financial analyst is responsible for creating financial models and reports based on past statements and progress. The whole budget of any organization or NGO depends on that. It is they who also track market reports to help companies build their profit goals and share strategies.

Salary: – 50,000$ to 130,000$ per annum

It offers a dream salary for beginners but doesn’t rise much upon your work experience and promotion.

Qualification: A bachelor’s or master’s degree in finance can help you get a job as a financial analyst.

Financial Risk Manager

A financial risk manager is responsible for managing the risks involved throughout a financial year. So, it is most important to analyze all the risks and losses one can face during any deals over the year. Most companies focus on hiring a financial risk manager as everyone wants to avoid losses despite low profits.

Following current trends, the demand for financial risk managers has increased significantly, and you can choose one as your perfect future career.

Salary: – $35,000 – $200,000 per annum

Like others, your degree and work experience will decide your paycheck per annum.

Qualifications: – Once you complete your bachelor’s degree, you have to qualify for FMI and FMII exams.

Other than that, some farms also ask for a work experience of 2 years or more to get you hired.

Senior Accountant

A senior accountant plays a significant role in managing the accounts of a company or an organization. They have a substantial role in analyzing a company’s annual account reports and risk involvements.

Thus if you are looking for a permanent job with a good salary, you can definitely opt for a senior accountant post today! It is one of the best-paying jobs in financial consumer services.

Average salary: – 50,000$ to 215,000$ per annum

Qualification: – First, you need to get a bachelor’s degree in finance. After that, you will also require a CFA certificate to clear the basic qualifications for a senior accountant post.

Apart from these to get more preferred for this job a good work experience may be of great help. A work experience of 3 years or plus can attain a permanent position with a good salary.

Insurance Advisors

Everyone opts for insurance to secure their belongings and the people around them, from cars to life. Thus, you can understand that insurance advisors are highly in demand in present market situations. Insurance advisors help you analyze all the plans offered by different companies and the most profitable ones for you and your loved ones.

An insurance advisor is crucial for most people to select the right insurance policy. So, if you have excellent knowledge about insurance, apply for the post now!

Salary: – Talking about the salary, one can expect to earn around 35,000$ to 90,000$ per annum. The salary mostly depends from client to client and your perfect work suggestions and experience. A great experience can help you earn a much high salary than a beginner.

Qualification: – One needs to have a bachelor’s degree in finance with a CFA certification to qualify for this post.

In short, we can say that this is one of the best paying jobs in finance consumer services among beginners and newbies.

Final thoughts

In recent years, the financial field has provided excellent job opportunities for people studying accountancy, taxation, etc. It also offers a much better and more promising salary than other sectors to fulfill your needs. Thus, if you are keen to become a financial person, move forward and start preparing now.

Some job posts require work experience and certifications; others need only a bachelor’s degree in finance. Hurry up and choose one of the best-paying jobs in finance consumer services for you today!

If you face any problem, make sure to comment in the box below.

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