Considering the sedentary lifestyle, workouts have become almost impossible for working individuals. Especially if we consider the corporate sector or even a person who is working a shift of 12-14 hours per day.

When does the individual get time for doing exercises and workouts? Sticking his/her bum to the chair and working on the system. And thereby developing belly fat, knowing how this belly fat is responsible for many diseases including cardiovascular diseases. So to avoid this cycle of sickness, people started to buy treadmills, and get them installed in the home. Thereby taking out some free time for themselves and working out. Now, you might wonder how much this treadmill will cost.

 However, it is to bring to your notice that treadmills are available at the lowest dollars. Not all treadmills will cost you $1000. Some are available even at $500. So, today we will be knowing some of the best treadmills under $500.

Best Treadmills Under $500

1.     Weslo Cadence G 5.9: Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is one of the best choices for people who are looking out for foldable treadmills. It is just available at the sale price of $287. The size of the machine is small, thereby can fit into the smallest of smallest rooms. It’s not as good as the costly treadmills, but certain, and its price is the main USP. And fit for those who look out for occasional workout sessions. The dimensions of the track are 50” in length and 16” in width. Thereby, giving you a top 10 speed along with a 2.25 HP motor. The console presents you with time lapsed, calories burnt, speed, and distance. 6 workout programs are included. The labor coverage is for 90 days.

2. Sunny Health and Fitness: Talking about Sunny health and fitness, this treadmill is rich in features and is just available for $299. Here the model number is SF-T4400 which comes in nine workout programs along with a manual mode. Adding to this, this treadmill also calculates BMI or body mass index. Furtherly, it can carry up to 220 pounds. Coming with a lower warranty period. It comes in a foldable model, with a speed of 9 miles per hour, along with a peak of 2.2 HP drive where the running drive is 16’’ wide* 49” long. Here the LCD is simple which shows the time lapsed, calories burned, and calculates BMI as said above.

Best for Small Spaces

The pros are price, data, handling controls, media ledge, speed, and compactness whereas the cons are small incline, small track size, weight limit, and warranty which is just for 90 days. It might serve well for a season or two but it cannot work in the long run.

3. Confidence GTR Power Pro Motorized: This GTR power pro motorized treadmill is a small foldable treadmill that individuals usually use for walking and jogging up to 7.5 mph. It has three setting manual inclines along with stimulated hill climbing which makes the workout more challenging and efficient in losing more calories and improving muscle tone. Talking about its other features, it comes with an HP motor of 1.5, along with simple programming.

But it has a low pulse reader giving you almost inaccurate results. Furtherly this treadmill is made from sub-standardized products to keep the price low. Talking about the weight of the treadmill, it weighs just 62 pounds. So to say it’s low weight and compact size are the pros. But, it’s not suitable for large trainees. Talking about the measurements of this treadmill, it is 44’’ long* 1in 6” width which in turn is lower than the normal treadmill measurements where ch 55” *22”.

Therefore, to conclude about treadmills under $500. These three are the top picks under $500. However, they do have cons as well when compared to treadmills of higher prices.

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