With advancements in the field of technology and cut-throat competition, gaming mouses are getting more popular day by day. There are a  hell lot of gaming mouse available in the market having variations in shape, size, and a lot more.  And these are getting developed with every minute change in technology. Thereby, providing you with a better version. Be it in terms of its quality, sensor touch, click switches, wireless, and so on. But, it cannot compromise on the price factor. So today we will be knowing about the best wireless gaming mouse under $50.

Best Wireless Gaming Mouse under $50


  • Glorious Model O gaming mouse  : Making its position to top 1 is the Glorious Model O gaming mouse. It’s a perfect match if you are looking for an ultra slim and full feature ultralight RGB gaming mouse.

Features of Glorious Model O gaming mouse

Its honeycomb design reduces the weight of the mouse to just 67 grams where the paracord-style cable just gives you this wireless feeling. Although, it kept its cost minimal but didn’t compromise on the quality. It has Omron switches, a pixart sensor, and a DPI up to 12000. A light on the bottom lets you know about the settings.

  • Corsair Katar Pro wireless gaming mouse: This Katar pro uses its company’s slipstream which helps to channel hop and maintain its fastest connection possible under 1 millisecond.

Features of Corsair Katar Pro Wireless gaming mouse

It also comes with a low latency Bluetooth LE 4.2, which is used when speed is less critical. This mouse can also be used for connecting to other computers or devices which don’t have a USB A port for the slipstream receiver. The mouse has a 10000 DPI and PMW3325 pixart sensor and a mouse button that lets you switch between three presets available i.e. 800, 1500, and 3000. Furtherly adding to this you can also change your DPI and light settings irrespective of the computer you are using.

  • Redragon M801 wireless gaming mouse: It’s relatively a bigger-sized mouse that comes with lag-less wired or wireless connectivity. Hence it’s a relief for the users, as they need not have to worry about the speed drop, signal drops, or any sort of delays.

Features of Redragon M801 wireless gaming mouse

Coming back to our product, it has some of the most excellent features including 40G acceleration, 16K modifiable DPI, high precision sensor, and sharp responsiveness. Adding to this, it is a customizable in-built gaming software that helps users personalize their fits, control, and spatial sensitivity.  It weighs around 119gm and comes with a 16,000 DPI, LED indicator. % Memory profiles with macros are also available.

  • TechNet Raptor prime wireless gaming mouse: TechNet raptor prime is typically a premium palm-sized mouse that is powered by a 2.4GHz transmission technology.

Features of TechNet Raptor Prime wireless gaming mouse

It has a 5 tier DPI which again can be adjustable. Furtherly this gives users the agility to survive and forge ahead in deafening battle games, through top-notch accuracy and steady performance. Here the precision and correctness are improved by the steady buttons thus giving you the first advantage. Adding to this it has a 12 months battery life as well as a low-battery indicator. Finally to say it fits like a smooth glove on the user’s hand thus boosting grip and comfort.

Wireless Mouse, 2.4 GHz

UHURU Wm-02 wireless gaming mouse: UHURU is a rechargeable USB gaming mouse that acts as the best companion for many operating systems including Linux. It has up to 10000 DPI and can reach up to 50ft extended range connections. It has an impeccable response time along with zero stoppage rate because in intense gaming scenarios. Adding to this the RGB function creates multi-colored lighting effects and syncs. Due to this, it enhances the attractiveness of the gaming metaverse.

UHURU WM-02Z wireless gaming mouse: Making the last list is the UHURU WM-02Z wireless mouse. Just like the above one, this one also comes up with an in-built rechargeable battery and programmable buttons. Its non-slippery structure facilitates faster and smoother drags and grip control. Furtherly, the buttons are durable and can enable up to 10M clicks. But it should be noted that the gaming driver supports only Windows and the LED lights are not adjustable. It also provides long-range connections up to 33ft.

Thus to conclude, all these mouses are coming under the category of best wireless gaming mouse under $50, without compromising the quality and technical features.

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