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Best paying jobs in EDP services


EDP ​​stands for Electronic Data Processing; it is a service industry. It brings good job opportunities for many people. This is a good offer for those people who want to live their life well. According to a report, it is revealed that the EDP will increase by 17 percent by the year 2029. This makes it one of the more rapidly growing areas. If you want to make a good career in this field, then you need to know some things. You need to know which jobs are present here and which job gives more salary. Today in this article, we will talk about some 15 jobs present in EDP. This is the Best paying job in EDP services. We will also tell you how you can apply for these jobs.

Best paying jobs in EDP services

There are 15 best-paying jobs in EDP services.

1: Software Developer

The few years saw some high-paying jobs in the IT sector. This is true for those who work in the field of EDP. There the demand for software developers is very high.

The average annual salary of an EDP software developer is $97,763. It is one of the best-paid jobs in the country. Many people want to work in this field because it has a very good scope. There are many such schools, so they get the education of software developers and also give their certificates.

All these colleges provide good education to the students to be successful in the field of software development. According to a study, it is found that more than two million people in America work as software developers.

2: Cyber ​​Security Analyst.

A cyber security analyst is responsible for the overall security of a business’s computer network and systems. It protects the computer from theft, hacking, or other damage.

This job requires a good understanding of computer network security principles as well as how to detect hackers, etc. A cyber security analyst should have complete computer science education. The demand for cyber security analysts is increasing very much because nowadays cyber attacks are increasing. The salary of a cyber security analyst is $70,594 per year.

3: Database Developer.

A database developer creates and maintains a database for a company. The developer works with the databases that exist in the database. At the same time, it also takes care that data is easy to use.

The database developer explores new ways to access data. This may involve building a new application or improving an old one. If you want to do this job, you must have strong skills as a database developer. Also, you should have a good understanding of how the Data is stored. You must have an understanding of a variety of programming languages.

4: Database administrator

A database administrator is a very important part of most businesses. A database administrator plays a very important role for a business. He is solely responsible for the design, implementation and maintenance of the company. A database administrator must have a computer science degree. Also they should have good experience in database design and proficiency in SQL.

Now a few years the role of a database administrator is developing with new technology. Maintaining company databases properly requires keeping them up to date with new changes. It is being said that by the year 2024, with a growth of 11 percent, Good changes are expected in the database administrator jobs.

5: Solution Architect – Annual Salary $110,000

A resource architect oversees the design and implementation of information technology solutions. These responsibilities vary depending on the size and complexity of the business. It mainly consists of designing and implementing systems. It fully meets the specific needs of the business.

If you want to get the job of Solution Architect. So you must have a successful and strong technical skills and leadership skills.

6: System Administrator – Annual Salary $80,000

The demand for system administrators is increasing a lot these days. The annual income of a system administrator is $80,000. Its role is to maintain the computer systems inside the business. A system administrator is responsible for installing and maintaining software. Apart from this, he checks the system’s performance and troubleshoots the system’s problems. The demand for this job is increasing, and this work is very beneficial.

7: Data Architect – $114,000

As time goes on, so is the collection of business data. Same problem Creating a growing need for data architects. The data administrator is solely responsible for designing the system. It enables data to be stored and accessed. A data administrator should have a thorough knowledge of the business.

If you do this job then your annual income will be at least $114,000. But the salary may vary slightly depending on the company or location. Some companies are ready to give the salary asked for this job. 

If you want to apply for the job of data administrator then you must have a degree in the information technology field. Apart from this, you need to know about the topics related to it.

8: Data Engineer – Salary 107,000 per annum

According to a survey, the annual salary of a data engineer is 107,000. It is expected to grow further in the future. More and more businesses are seeking a data engineer for their success. The job of a data engineer is to manage and manipulate data. It works in collaboration with data analysts and developers. If you also want to make a career in the field, then you must have a degree in computer science. This is one of the Best paying jobs in edp services.

Best Paying Jobs in EDP Services

9: Software Engineer – Annual Salary $95,000

According to a website, the annual salary of a software engineer can be 95,000. But it also depends on the company you work for. As the popularity of computer science is increasing, in the same way the demand for computer engineers is increasing. A software engineer is solely responsible for the development of applications.

If you want to get a job in this field, then you must have a good understanding of computer science and mathematics. You need to be able to work with a team.

10: Data Scientist – Annual Salary $102,000

The demand for data scientists is increasing. If you want to become a data scientist then you must know how to understand and analyze data. Apart from this, you will also have to find new ways to use the data to improve the business.

11: Web Developer – Annual Salary 80,000

The job of a web developer is to test and maintain a website. Along with the digital world, the demand for web developers is increasing. According to a survey a web developer earns up to 80,000 in a year. But it can be more or less depending on the company, city or experience.

It has many functions such as adding content to the website, and embedding HTML code. You need to have a platform to apply for this job. You will showcase your design skills on this platform. Apart from this, you also need to keep up with new technologies.

12: Information Systems Technician Yearly Earning $56,000

With technology becoming more complex, the need for information systems technicians is also increasing. Their annual earnings can be at least $56,000. An IST is responsible for setting up computer systems and networks.

It repairs computers and networks and develops security to protect the system from hacking. Going forward, the demand for IST jobs is expected to increase further.

13: Computer technician earning at least $40,000 a year.

A computer technician installs computer systems and networks and performs system repairs. They mainly work in schools, government offices, hospitals etc. If you are interested in this job then you must have a degree in computer science.

A computer technician needs to be able to work freely. Their demand may increase further in the coming time. This is a good opportunity for those people who want to work in the field of Computer Technician.

14: System Technician – Yearly salary $42,000.

A systems technician installs a computer system. Its annual earnings can be $ 42,000. Beginners can earn up to $30,000. If you are a veteran then you can earn comfortably at least $60,000 every year. Their job is only to install the system, repair it, or troubleshoot the problem in the computer.

15: Data centre technician – earn 51,000 dollar per year.

A data technician helps keep the computer network running. It works to maintain the computer’s server, equipment and storage etc. If you want to do this job then you must have a degree in Information Technology. Further demand for this work is anticipated to increase in the coming times. The demand for data center technicians is increasing due to the increasing demand for cloud based services.


In today’s time everyone wants a good job. There are many enterprises or fields where many people work. One such enterprise is EDP, i.e., electronic data processing. There are many types of jobs in EDP, which revolve around a single computer. All this is necessary for fewer computers and for our future. Today, in this article, we have told you the Best paying jobs in EDP services. We also told you what you need to have to get those jobs. I hope you like this information.

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