Are you unable to find the way out? This is the Answer to the Wordscapes level 97 puzzle. It includes extra words that will allow you to use all the words options.

Wordscapes level 97 ANSWER


Extra answers:

Bib, Ebb, Bed, Bid, Deb, Dib, Bee, Brr, Reb, Rib, Did, Dee, Der, Die, Ide, Red, Rid, Ere, Err, Ire, Ree.

Bibi, Bide, Bidi, Bird, Bred, Drib, Beer, Bier, Biri, Birr, Bree, Brer, Brie, Deed, Deid, Didi, Died, Redd, Deer, Dere, Dire, Dree, Eide, Idee, Ired, Irid, Rede, Reed, Ride, Irie.

Ebbed, Bribe, Rebbe, Bided, Beedi, Bider, Bidri, Brede, Breed, Bride, Rebid, Brier, Didie, Dreed, Dried, Reded, Redid, Direr, Drier, Eider, Erred, Rider.

Dibbed, Bribed, Dibber, Ribbed, Bribee, Briber, Ribber, Ribbie, Bedder, Bedrid, Bidder, Birded, Birder, Birdie, Birred, Bredie, Bridie, Rebred, Ribier. Deride, Redder, Ridder.


Dribbed, Ribbier, Birdied, Debride, Redbird, Berried, Derider, Redried.

Beriberi, Reedbird.

Let’s learn something today.

Bib A piece of cloth or plastic that is worn around the neck of a child to clean his or her clothes while they eat.

Offer: to purchase something at a specific price, especially at auction.

Reb: is a traditional Jewish title, or form of address for men who are not rabbi. It is equivalent to Sir (used before the forename/surname).

Rib The thoracic cavity, and its organs, are protected by a series slender curved bone pairs that attach to the spine. There are twelve pairs for humans.

Wordscapes level 97

Rid:liberate somebody or something (an unwelcome person or thing).


Bred: A person or an animal that has been raised in a particular environment or in a specific way.

Bier: A movable frame upon which a coffin, or corpse, is placed prior to burial or cremation or transported to the grave.

Dere refers to the properties of objects mentioned within an assertion or expression, rather than the assertion itself.

Bribe: induce someone to behave dishonestly by offering a monetary gift, or some other inducement.

Brier: is a religious leader in the Hasidic sect.

Rebred: To breed (an animal or a type of animal) to get specific characteristics in the offspring.

RedderBlood and fire are colors that fall near the extremes of the spectrum. They are next to orange and violet.

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