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HP Printer is Offline issue in Windows  or later. If you’re too often wondering “why an HP printer is offlines in question,” there’s a solution that gets you back on board. This article is a must read if you are facing an offline printer problem on Windows and are looking for a solution.

If none of the above allows you to get your HP printer online, you should be fed up with trying troubleshooting methods. There are a few tricks that need to be tried, but we have no problems with how to get your HP printer online.So you have to follow some of the step fix this problem i will tell you how can you solve this problem so start

Step of the solving problem when printer offline hp

•Run the HP Print Scan Doctor tool to resolve connectivity issues, and to resolve HP Officejet offline problems to resolve the issue of how to troubleshoot your offline HP Printer.

•Run Hewlett-Packard OfficeJet Offline Troubleshooting Tool with HP Print Scan Doctor to easily resolve the connectivity problem and resolve HP OfficeJet offline problems by answering the questions, “How to repair your offline HP printers.” Run the HPPrint Scan PhD software to quickly resolve or resolve a connection problem with an HP printer using the HP Print Scanner Tool, to easily resolve the connectivity issue, and to solve the HP OfficeJet offline problem by solving the question: 

•If your printer’s offline hp goes offline, you should check the network connection and update the printer driver. If Windows does not automatically detect network-enabled printers, go to Hardware / gt Devices.    

•If nothing works, replace the firmware version, as HP printers may have offline problems with outdated firmware models. If you have an HP Wireless printer, you must download and install the printer software on your PC or laptop to properly set up your HP Printer. To have HP printers, go to the HP Driver download page, search for your printer, download the page, and then download a printer application.   

• If your printer offline hp is not yet online, call the hotline number that can be reached and stay in touch with a technical technician until the problem with the printer is resolved offline. If your offline printer still doesn’t work, contact the printer support nearby. These steps try to fix offline printers in Windows 10, Windows 10 and Windows Phone 8.1 or later.

Why my HP Printer is Offline?

Still if not fix the issue we have also  step to fix this problem of printer is offline hp

 Still your problems not solved printer is offline hp so i have some of step also

1) Go to the control panel or search for printer options.

In Windows 10, you can search for devices and printers by installing ‘devices’ as shown below and clicking ‘Devices & Printer’. Whether you have a USB, a network, or a printer to Windows 10 / 8.1.

2) Then click Devices and Printers to view large or small control panel icons.

3) Now you will see an offline printer (slightly dimmed). Right-click it and select ‘See what’s printed’.

see what to print in windows 10

If the printer is offline hp, you will see a check mark before ‘Use Offline Printer’. Remove the tick and wait a while for the printer to get online and continue printing.

4) In the case of a shared network printer:

If the network printer still shows offline, you will need to check the computer settings where it is attached (if your shared network printer). The following settings need to be viewed on a computer shared printer.

File and printer sharing settings

Make sure Network Discovery is on and network sharing services are running

Check the firewall and Antivirus / network security software. These applications may block incoming communications from a shared printer.

5) Next Restart Spooler Service

Sometimes this method helps to restore an offline printer to Windows 8.1 and 10. Instead of restarting the computer, you can stop and start the printing service (which is one of the Windows services). We have already published a detailed guide on restarting the print spoiler on the GUI for Windows OS that can be used by any users with administrative rights

Why do we  face problems when printers is offline HP?

If you’ve ever wondered why your printer is offline most of the time on a Windows 10 computer. there could be many reasons for that.Frequently, printers may go offline due to network or USB cable problems, paper congestion, paper discharge, or any other hardware  errors and driver corruption. Mostly it will go back to the internet automatically when these issues are resolved, but sometimes we need to do an online printer manuall, and let’s see how we can do it in Windows 10 or 8.1.The methods below also apply to Windows 7 users.

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